Pukka Seed Sale


Pukka Seeds has some really famous award winning cannabis seed strains. Please click on the Seed Catalogue button on our seeds page to view the latest cannabis seed strains.

Free Feminized Seeds This Week

Pukka Seeds would like you to pay attention to an super sale. We will add feminized cannabis seeds to your order, absolutely free! It has never been a better time to order, free seeds just when their is a global shortage. Act quick, we predict we’ll be sold out next month.

Pukka Quality Cannabis Seeds

Pukka Seeds are top notch. Pukka Seeds are world famous award winning cannabis seeds.

Predicted Cannabis Seeds Shortage This Year

With the legalization of cannabis seeds and dispensaries opening up and growing wharehouses full of cannabis, the demand for cannabis seeds has never been stronger. Last year saw an increase of over 400% and this year is predicted to be an increase over 600%. Supply and demand dictate price, so stock up now before the huge increase in price.

Pukka Seeds Stealth Shipping

  • We ship discretely and using super stealth, worldwide.
  • We are a reputable seed bank and we’ll deliver what you order, just google search us if your weary.
  • We have Award winning strains, we breed what we believe to be as the best cannabis seeds in the world
  • All seeds are triple A grade (AAA). We hand select each seed to ensure 100% germination rates.
  • We take your privacy super serioulsy.
  • We have been in business for over 20 years.